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About Amir Menahem

Amir Menahem (born 1989) is a successful food and editorial photographer based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

He combines his culinary skills and wide professional experience to produce exciting and visually beautiful food images for print and digital formats.

Since he was 14 years old, Menahem has been fascinated about working with food and photography.

In his free time, He enjoys doing research and experimenting in every aspect of the culinary world.

Menahem has gathered an impressive client base that includes both local and national companies.

Additionally, he worked with Israel’s leading chefs and restaurants.

Menahem previously worked as a cook at the fine-dining restaurant "Popina" and did some work as a culinary entrepreneur.

Amir Menahem is available for a variety of photography Jobs such as food, art, still life, product and more.


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